I have not written here for a long time.

I have been thinking about what to do with this blog. While I like the content and the visitors this blog has accumulated so far, I feel as if I have out-grown it, somehow.

I either want to take this blog in a different direction, or stop using this space altogether. I want to blog more about some of my readings, and my different thought processes on more serious topics.

The other problem is that I no longer like the Blogger platform. The technology is just too outdated for me to enjoy using it. I might move the entire blog and all of the content to Wordpress, or some other platform (the logistics of doing that is too much for me to think about right now).



30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 15
Prompt: snow deeper than thoughts

Beneath this one mile
thicket of snow
an entire life stream
of beautiful bacteria
and frozen starfish

The streams of salt
stab at every corner
until all creatures
are asleep and dead.

Beyond my understanding
dwells a plethora
of magnificence.



30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 14
Prompt: trickle down

The jaundiced eye
opens and closes
and sets its gaze
upon the world.

Yet a trickle of tears
rolls out of the corner
and settles on the cheeks.


30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 13
Prompt: address book

Each inch
of names and numbers
a universe of lives.



30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 12
Prompt: subliminal subluxation


It is not a corruption
but an improvement.

Who has the time
to pronounce
in an uppity accent?


Let's Feed the Ducks

30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 11
Prompt: getting old

"Let's feed the ducks!"

"What ducks?
There are no ducks."


Dustbin Man

30 Day Poetry Challenge Day 10
Prompt: windshield wipers

How nice
to see a desolate man,
a deprived, shanty man
wake up in the morning dew,
in the soft shadow
of a municipal dustbin.